One Scrub is the one that you want.


We are One Scrub, Ireland's first 100% natural, handmade coffee based body scrubs. Our desire to protect and keep skin healthy resulted in a product that not only exfoliates but also eliminates free radicals from the largest organ in the body - the skin.

We have created a tough but loving coffee body scrub, created to smooth everyone's skin that's made with lots of yummy (non edible) ingredients and a whole bucket of love!


Our coffee body scrub is 100% natural, organic, vegan and animal friendly, tested only on willing participants (our own mostly) Not only are we kind to animals but our coffee body scrubs are free from parabens, preservatives and other chemicals. We are very particular about the ingredients used in our products and are proud that we have been able to create something that is natural and kind to skin. One Scrub wants to help you retain that natural healthy skin with our naturally formulated coffee body scrub.


The main ingredient in our products is coffee which contains a very high percentage of caffeine. Caffeine helps eliminate free radicals deep down in the skin’s cells which results in a radiant glow after each use. We combine coffee with other natural ingredients such as Dead Sea and Himalayan salts, sugar and other yummy ingredients from nature. 

What’s more, caffeine is a natural vasodilator which helps tighten skin, prevent wrinkles and decrease the appearance of cellulite. Our coffee body scrub also reduces the appearance of scars and stretch marks ( though personally, there’s nothing wrong with these skin imperfections)


Beauty comes from within, but with a little help from nature, feeling good about ourselves becomes complete as we take care of outer appearance. Our mission is to provide skin care products that will help you feel good inside and out. We want you to have that radiant glow, inside and out. Our coffee body scrub naturally cleanses the skin thoroughly and makes you feel pampered with soft glowing skin.



We know that how you feel about yourself can depend in large part on how you look. While beauty is far more than skin deep, (we love ourselves and you just the way you are) your skin is important and it plays a huge role in your self-esteem. 

You should never have to sacrifice your appearance due to a lack of affordable, organic, and natural body products that actually work.


Our coffee body scrub is tough enough to improve your skin's little lumps and bumps (which by the way are totally adorable and don't you ever let anybody tell you any different) whilst also nourishing your skin to leave the treated area feeling softer and smoother than ever.

We want you to show off your skin, to not feel self conscious, which let's face it, is pretty hard to do in today's world.

But with a little love from One Scrub coffee body scrub and a whole lot of deserved self loving, you'll love your "imperfections", as much as we do.

Live in a world of imperfections that make you perfect.....


There are no skin imperfections.....the word "Imperfect", actually spells "I'm Perfect", because everyone is perfect in their own imperfect way.