Skincare tips for the gym bunny

Skincare tips for the gym bunny

Being a gym bunny is great, not only for your body and overall health but for your skin too. However being a regular gym goer can mess with your skin and cause breakouts, check out a few of our tips below to make sure you always look your best when working those muscles!


When you exercise, your skin loses water due to evaporation, leaving the skin dehydrated. Dehydrated skin increases surface lines and causes skin cells to die prematurely, leading to premature aging as well as dead skin cell build up causing the pores to clog. Using a lightweight moisturiser will help to retain the water in the skin. If you are exercising outdoors, try to use a very light moisturiser with a sunscreen.

Touching your face

Avoid touching your face during workouts especially if you are using cardio or weight machines which breed bacteria, so it is best to keep your hands off of your skin. You don’t want to introduce bacteria to the skin, this can possibly result in new break outs, or the spreading of existing break outs. Always wash your hands after working out.

Not washing your face

Did you know that it's actually more important to wash your skin after than before working out since oils, bacteria, and sweat have accumulated on the skin. If you are wearing a heavy foundation it’s good to wash your skin with a mild, non-drying cleanser, followed by an alcohol-free toner and lightweight oil-free lotion. Post-workout, always wash your face and moisturise. When you exercise, sweat combined with increased oil production can cause problems for the skin so it’s always recommended to wash immediately afterwards with a mild sulfate-free gel cleanser to remove dirt, oil and bacteria.

Not pulling your hair back

Hair should always be pulled back from your face, not only because of sweat, but because of your hair products too. If you are seeing breakouts on your forehead or hairline, mousses, gels, or other hair products could be to blame. Headbands, hats, or bandanas across the forehead are not recommended as they can cause a backup of oil and perspiration in the pores.


Not washing your workout gear

Bacteria and fungus love damp clothing so workout clothing that is not washed after each use (especially if you sweat excessively) is an ideal place for them. First, you should hang up your wet workout gear to hang dry as soon as possible. This not only helps to eliminate the odor, but it also helps reduce the risk of mildew.

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