Avoid looking old before your time

Avoid looking old before your time

Bad skin choices in your 20s may become quite visible in the form of age spots, crows feet and skin that looks dull. While you can do a lot to reverse the signs of aging and the damage you may have done while your skin wasn’t showing the ill effects of poor skin care, it’s hard to reverse them completely.


Here are some tips to avoid looking old before your time.

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Collagen is the stuff that sits under your skin and props it up. Over time, collagen production slows, and the amount of collagen in your face lessens. This is often what leads to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles since there’s less under the skin to smooth it out. If you do things like smoke, consume a lot of sugar and drink, you’re speeding up the breakdown of collagen in your face. Drink and eat sweets in moderation, and ditch the cigarettes altogether to keep wrinkles at bay.


Faux Glow
Another collagen killer is UV rays from the sun, but the same UV rays can also cause major damage to the surface of your skin. Even if you avoid skin cancer, you may still end up with age spots and prematurely aged skin. While there’s no question that bronzed skin can be slimming, make your complexion look clearer and give the impression that you’re glowing, your best bet is to achieve this look with a high-quality fake tanning product.


Both your body and your skin need to stay hydrated for the best results. Drinking lots of water can ensure that your skin doesn’t dry out, and it also helps clear out impurities. This can help keep acne at bay, and moisturisers can keep skin plump, which reduces the appearance of fine lines.

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