Grow brows that'll rival Cara's!

Grow brows that'll rival Cara's!

Want brows that will rival Cara Delevingne's? Then look no further!

If you are looking to grow thicker, longer brow hair then coconut oil may be the solution. This nutty little oil has some amazing uses and benefits and growing your brows is just one of them!

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Knowing how to use coconut oil on eyebrows is important, especially if you want to get faster results. For the best results, apply the oil on your brow hair everyday for several weeks until you see the desired results.


Here’s how to use coconut oil for eyebrow growth.

  • Cleanse the skin on your eyebrows well
  • Dip a cotton bud into pure coconut oil and apply it to your brows. Paying particular attention to sparse areas
  • Using your fingertips, massage the brow line gently to help the oil get absorbed
  • Apply it everyday before going to bed and leave it overnight before rinsing with cold water.

After several weeks, admire your new brows and get ready to sign up to be a brow model...Cara, eat your heart out!

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