Combination skincare darling...

Combination skincare darling...

Having combination skin can be frustrating and just plain confusing when it comes to caring for it so we have listed 8 super helpful skin care tips for combination skin that’ll help make your skin care routine much simpler and more efficient!


When it comes to skin care tips for combination skin, striking a good balance between oily and dry is key.

This means you want to avoid over-cleansing the T-zone and chin while protecting the dry areas without overdoing the moisturiser.

Use a gentle cleanser and lukewarm water to wash your face and look for an emollient facial moisturiser to soothe dry areas.



A fundamental feature of combination skin is having oily areas.

And while it might seem like it needs an abrasive scrub to thoroughly cleanse the areas, be gentle!

Avoid using harsh scrubs full of chemicals, instead opt for a natural coffee body scrub like One Scrub.

Try not scrubbing the areas vigorously, this will only irritate your skin and can cause even more oil production.

Feel free to exfoliate your skin but don’t punish your skin.



Having combination skin also means that you might have to use different formulas and products for different parts of your face.

For example, you might use a thicker cream on your cheeks than you would on the remainder of your face where you only need a light moisturiser.

It’s not mandatory to invest in different products but it is an option if you don’t find any combo skin care products that work well for you.



Toners and astringents are great additions to your skin care regimen and can help clarify and balance pH levels in the skin.

Use an astringent to cleanse and tighten up pores on oily areas of combination skin.

If your cheeks are too dry for astringent, use an alcohol-free toner that’s water or glycerin based to freshen up those areas and lock in moisture.



Acids sound so harsh and wrong for your skin but AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) and BHAs (beta hydroxy acids) are both very beneficial for combo skin.

AHAs can help reveal healthy, new skin underneath dead skin cells and BHAs exfoliate skin but also help to unclog pores and kill acne-causing bacteria, both of which are essential for blackheads and large pores.



You’re probably going to hear this next skin care tip forever, so make sure you apply sunscreen daily so it’s one less thing on your skin care to-do list.

Protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, which are the leading cause of premature aging, and keep your skin looking youthful, and supple!



Cover up with a face mask, that is.

Using a weekly mask can help balance out skin or clarify the oily parts and quench thirsty skin.

You might end up wanting to use two different masks on your face, depending on the condition of your skin.



Care for combination skin by using skin care products free of fragrances, oils, alcohol and irritants that can further aggravate combination skin.

Choose natural products when possible to keep skin healthy and clear of harsh chemicals.


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