Banish Cellulite with Coffee

Banish Cellulite with Coffee

The biggest benefit that coffee scrubs bring to the table is the caffeine. When applied to the skin, caffeine acts as what is called a ‘vasoconstrictor’, as well as an antioxidant and a diuretic. The result: the skin becomes smoother and firmer through the dehydration of fat cells and the constriction of blood vessels.

When coffee is combined with other ingredients—brown sugar, himalayan salt, and essential oils—it creates an amazing skin exfoliator and moisturiser, which removes dry and dead skin to reveal the brighter skin underneath. This is not only helpful for cellulite, but it helps to promote healthier skin overall.

If you’re ready to experience amazing skin from head to toe, here’s how to use a coffee scrub to target cellulite:


  • Stand under the warm water in your shower and get your skin wet. Make sure every area you want to target gets wet. Then shut off the water, or just stand out of the way so the water is not hitting you.

  • Take a small handful of coffee scrub and apply it to your upper shoulders and chest area. Rub in circular motions, massaging the coffee scrub into your skin.

  • Once you’ve covered the upper half of your body, it’s time to move onto your legs, bottom, and feet. To target that cellulite, be sure to cover the back and sides of your legs, as well as your lower back and bottom. Massage the coffee scrub deeply into your skin for several minutes in circular motions.

  • Finally, apply the scrub to your feet and massage it in to remove any dry or dead skin, especially on your heels.

  • Now that you’re fully coated in coffee scrub, wait 5-10 minutes to let it dry and for the caffeine to absorb into your skin.

  • Once you've waited a few minutes, rinse off your skin and pat yourself dry with a towel. For best results, repeat this process several times a week.


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