All aboard the smoothsville train

All aboard the smoothsville train

Just because it's winter and you will be wearing a pair of fabulous thigh high boots with that killer dress doesn't mean you can't have seriously smooth legs babe.

Now we know waxing and epilation isn't for everyone (ouch!) and removal creams can seriously damage your golden faux glow so the obvious choice is shaving!

So below you'll find some tips to get you smoother than a baby's bum, you're welcome!


You Need

  • The Right Razor: Use a razor with a moisture strip containing aloe, jojoba or acai. Since razors dull over time, be sure to replace your razor after every 5-6 uses.

  • Gel or Cream: Instead of basic soap, use a moisturising shave gel or cream. Your stems need all the moisture they can get and gels and creams not only hydrate, they also allow for a closer, smoother shave.

  • Bump-Free Lotion: After you shave and pat yourself dry, use an alcohol-free lotion to avoid irritating your freshly shaved legs and those unsightly red “razor burn” bumps. 100% pure Shea Butter is always a good bet.

How to

  • Temp: Use warm water as hot water leaches moisture from your skin.
  • When: At the end of your shower. This way your hair and skin will have time to soften.
  • How: Start from your ankles and shave up. You want to make sure you are shaving against the hair growth. As for your underarms, shave at every angle.


  • Exfoliate: Exfoliate with a coffee body scrub about 4 times a week to slough off any dead skin cells and keep ingrown hairs at bay.
  • Bump Watch: If you are prone to ingrown hairs, try using a cleanser with glycolic acid and no matter how tempted, do not pick!!

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