Your hands do a lot for you

Your hands do a lot for you


With all your hands do for you, here are a few things you can do for them:


1. Skip the manicure.

As indulgent and fun as they are, manicures can be abrasive to your nails. They stain the keratin of the nail plate itself, abrade the top protective surface of the nail, and make you more prone to paronychia, an infection of the soft tissues around the nail. Try to limit yourself to no more than two manicures a month. Opt instead for a polish change, without having your cuticles trimmed or pushed back.

2. Moisturise.

The glabrous skin of the palms is unique and doesn't absorb regular moisturiser the way your arms and legs do. Instead, try a heavy immolient moisturiser made especially for the hands. Vaseline works best. Slather your hands before bed to allow 8 full hours for the moisturiser to penetrate your skin surfaces.

3. Stay out of the sun.

Don't forget your hands when applying your daily sunscreen. The backs of your hands see a lot of sun exposure over the course of the day, and if you neglect them, you'll notice brown spots, freckles, and fine lines popping up. This is the reason why the easiest way to tell someone's age is to look at their hands.

4. Short Nails.

A nail clipper is much less traumatic than a nail file, which can put tension on weak areas of the nails. Avoid acrylic nails, permanent gel manicures, and nail jewels, which rely on caustic adhesives that damage the structural integrity of the nail.

Look after your handy pandy's because they're the first ones to give away your age, so treat them right!

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